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Solo Piano

My cocktail piano is divided into three sections: 

The Great American Songbook with classics from artists like Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, Cole Porter, etc.  Secondly, Beatles, because they wrote hundreds of beloved songs, and finally, classic pop with artists like Steely Dan, Billy Joel, Elton John, etc.

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Loretto Lane and StrungOut bands

With Loretto Lane, I primarily play guitar.   Blending acoustic and electric guitars, "Loretto Lane" (below) is known for its unique arrangements, putting totally new and exciting spins on classic songs.  

Strung Out is Chicago’s Ultimate 70's Musical Experience. We've dug through the incredible treasure trove of classic 70's music that other bands overlook and found the greatest songs that are as diverse as the decade itself!  Rock, soul, funk and fantastic One Hit Wonders that are instantly recognizable and deeply woven into the fabric of our culture and our memories....

Original Music

My music is separated into different genres including Loretto Lane originals, solo acoustic, fusion instrumentals, and miscellaneous pop. 

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